What Is Senior Wellness? 

The average life expectancy continues to grow, and that’s good news for seniors. However, living longer is much more positive if you’re in good mental, physical and emotional health. Research has shown that making the most of your retirement years depends largely on your lifestyle choices. 

“Wellness” is a term that’s thrown around a lot when it comes to seniors, and depending on how it’s used, it can have a variety of meanings. “Senior wellness” usually is used to describe any activity or service that contributes to a senior’s overall well-being and quality of life. 

What impacts senior health? Exercise, education and lifelong learning, proper nutrition, and socialization can all play a role in a person’s well-being. By taking a multifaceted approach to wellness, seniors can live longer and find fulfillment in each and every day. 

Eagle Senior Living: Community Wellness Programs

One of the best things about choosing a senior living community to call home is that it becomes so much easier to focus on your wellness goals. From education and lifelong learning opportunities to health education and disease management, senior wellness is an everyday part of life in a senior living community like Eagle Senior Living. 

Below are just a few of the new wellness programs senior living communities are offering to residents to help them focus on senior wellness and stay active: 

  • Lifelong Learning — Senior wellness includes working out the brain as much as it includes physical exercise. Retirement communities like Eagle Senior Living offer residents the opportunity to pick up new skills, dive into old hobbies, and explore new subjects through cultural events. Stimulating the growth of brain cells through new skills can combat cognitive decline and prevent depression.
  • Nutritional Eating — Eating nutritional food is a valuable part of staying healthy. At Eagle Senior Living, residents can enjoy full-service restaurant-style dining that’s nutritional and helps them pursue a healthier lifestyle. By making smarter choices nutritionally, active seniors can maintain a healthy heart and boost their mood.
  • Physical HealthEagle Senior Living offers multiple locations around the country that are all dedicated to promoting the physical health of residents. Walking paths, gardens and courtyards all make it easier for active seniors to focus on physical wellness. Yoga, meditation and water aerobics are all low-impact exercises for seniors of all ages to stay active, reduce stress and boost immunity.
  • Community Involvement — Being an active and involved member of the community shouldn’t end once someone moves into a senior living community. At Eagle Senior Living, we believe strongly in building ties to the community through dynamic services and programming. This community involvement gives seniors purpose and improves their quality of life. 

Senior living communities today are continuing to focus on new health and wellness trends to ensure seniors can improve their quality of life and live longer, healthier lives. Ultimately, the goal is for residents to find a fulfilling lifestyle that brings joy and allows them to focus on wellness goals that benefit them now and well into the future. 

Find a Retirement Lifestyle Built Around Senior Wellness

At Eagle Senior Living, our goal is to empower brighter days through inclusive and powerful programming that brings people together. By focusing on senior wellness, our senior living communities across the United States are able to offer restaurant-style dining, exercise, health and wellness programs, as well as daily activities, events and outings. Contact us today to learn more about our locations near you and to find out whether our senior living community is the right fit for your senior wellness goals.