If the idea of Assisted Living makes you think of a room full of seniors playing bingo, you could be right. After all, bingo is fun. But so are many other activities. Assisted Living communities have evolved to provide residents with wide-ranging opportunities to enjoy activities that fill their lives with purpose, social connection and fun.  

Activities Play a Life-Enriching Role

For seniors who may be having difficulties with such things as  dressing, grooming, or managing medications, Assisted Living provides welcome support. Once residents have the assistance they need, they can concentrate on enjoying their lives as they please. That’s where activities come in. But these activities don’t just fill seniors’ time — they support well-being, too. That’s because engaging in enjoyable activities helps older adults stay:

  • Physically active. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, staying active can prevent or delay many of the health conditions associated with aging.
  • Socially connected. Participating in activities with fellow residents helps prevent isolation, which is associated with higher risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, or other serious conditions.
  • Purposefully occupied. Seniors who pursue interests and hobbies feel happier and healthier. In addition to being an end in itself, happiness has an array of benefits, from longer lifespan to increased resilience.
  • Mentally stimulated. Learning new skills keeps the mind spry and is linked to improvements in memory.  

There’s So Much to Do!

The best Assisted Living communities cater to the interests of their residents, so activities may change depending on residents’ preferences. But typically, myriad choices are offered to suit an array of temperaments and tastes. Some perennial favorites include:

  • Arts and crafts. Creative pursuits give residents a chance to express themselves, have fun and learn new skills. Plus, creativity supports cognitive health, improves mood and reduces anxiety.
  • Community events. There’s always something festive to celebrate. Pool parties, Fourth of July parties, resident art exhibits, and classic car shows give residents an opportunity to enjoy good cheer and honor special moments.
  • Dancing. “Get up and move that body,” as the ’80s band Technotronic suggests. Dancing – line, ballroom, swing or square – gives residents a chance to get moving, get together and have fun.
  • Fitness classes. A range of exercise classes — from chair yoga to aquatic fitness — give residents an opportunity to stay active.
  • Games. Seniors can sharpen their gameplay with classic favorites like dominoes, checkers and bingo (of course!),or with video games like Wii Sports.
  • Giving. Whether they go off campus or prefer to stay within the retirement community where they live, Assisted Living residents can certainly share their time and talents by volunteering. Knitters and quilters can donate their handmade wares to the local hospital. Animal lovers might make dog biscuits for the local animal shelter.
  • Lifelong learning. Classes, workshops, and guest lecturers can support cognitive vitality and give residents an opportunity to follow their curiosity.  
  • Music. You don’t have to be musical to enjoy music. Choir, karaoke, and singing competitions give residents an opportunity to lift their voices in song, or sit back and enjoy the performances of their friends and neighbors.
  • Off-site excursions. Residents can take advantage of local cultural events and entertainment with field trips to museums, theaters or sports venues.
  • Special-interest clubs. Want to practice your Spanish-speaking skills or dive into the latest bestseller? Numerous clubs allow residents to enjoy favorite pastimes in the company of friends.

Enjoy Bingo and More at Eagle Senior Living

We understand how important an active lifestyle is for senior wellness. With multiple locations offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Eagle Senior Living is focused on creating a comfortable environment in which residents can flourish. If you have questions about Assisted Living, or want to know more about the senior living experience in our communities, contact us today.